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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury (SCI) treatment and rehabilitation focuses on aggressively working with patients physically and psychologically, so that in a short period of time patients can maximize their neurological recovery and general health. 


Treatment is tailored to your specific needs and goals and carefully integrated to help you:

1. Improve physical function and mobility

2. Develop strength, skills and strategies to perform daily activities

3. Manage breathing and respiratory issues

4.Manage spasticity and pain

6.Use adaptive equipment and technologies

Brain Injury

Pamax Biotech provides an individualized treatment plan built on an understanding of the patient's neurological diagnosis and prognosis, as well as the relationships between the injury and behavior. Additionally, the treatment plan is reviewed and adapted within the context of the patient's personality, goals, resources and environment, and the community to which the patient and family will be discharged.

Brain injury rehabilitation involves not only the patient, but the patient's family and support system. Families are also urged to observe and participate in therapy sessions and to attend educational programs about brain injury. Our clinical care managers provide families with counseling, assistance with insurance and help in applying for benefits.

Cerebral Palsy

Because cerebral palsy can refer to several different types of brain injury, it's important to seek treatment from experts from many different disciplines who understand:

- a child's symptoms of cerebral palsy might not match any given "textbook" example

- cerebral palsy may affect many parts of a child's body

-how and why other medical conditions can occur alongside cerebral palsy

- the vital role of orthopedic support

Our clinicians have extensive experience in treating the full spectrum of cerebral palsy - from children with limited effects of the disorder to those with multiple complex medical issues. At our center, patients receive care from multiple providers in one day, which makes managing care easier on families and encourages collaboration.

Parkinson´s disease

Our extended team includes speech and swallow therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists and other Parkinson's specialists. We work alongside Cedars-Sinai movement disorder experts to anticipate your needs, so you receive timely services.

For Parkinson's patients and their families, controlling symptoms and slowing disease progression is the top priority. They count on Pamax Biotech's Parkinson's Disease Center-one of a limited number of programs supported by technology programs for the latest treatments to help improve the quality of their lives.

Multiple Sclerosis

Come for personalized care, and advance the fight against the disease with every visit.

Along with innovative diagnostic tests that help our team precisely identify your type of MS, you will receive extensive imaging, lifestyle assessments and reviews of your medical history.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Treatment is carefully integrated and tailored to your specific needs and goals. Depending on the extent to which you have been impacted by your stroke, we will help you:

1. Restore physical function and the ability to perform daily activities

Gain strength and endurance

2. Improve balance and mobility

3.Overcome speech or communication deficits Address any swallowing issues or nutritional concerns

4.Develop new skills

5.Improve any vision deficits